T-Shirt Printing Sydney

right nbhoodScreen printing and embroidery in Sydney, Australia is a specialised job and always hard to find someone that can produce a quality result with a fast turnaround time. 24 Hour T-Shirts are based not far from the CBD in a factory located in Sydney’s inner west.

If you’re looking for a screen printing company that can produce quality prints with silk screens then you’ve come to the right place.


T Shirt Printing Sydney Australia

What 24 Hour T-Shirts can bring to your table is a wide range of apparel with screen printing and embroidery services with a fast turnaround time.

24 Hour T-Shirts are not part of a scene, we don’t give certain jobs priority over others and we believe that all jobs are a high priority and just love what we do.

There is a small showroom in our factory where you can come down and look at some of the popular products we print on, feel the material and get to know what the quality of the product is.

We are official distributors for many brands that extends our range of t-shirt in the thousands and picking one can be a headache of a job for you, so we have our sales team on standby during business hours ready for your question or inquiry.

What about design?

Yes people submit their own design or you can hire us to do a design for you. For your designs think about the amount of colours that are in the image for screen printing services. The more colours you have the more expensive the job will be.

Want to find out more? Then call us today on (02) 9559 2400 or email us on sales@24hourt-shirts.com.au


Bulk T-Shirt Screen Printing Sydney

Looking to have t-shirts made in Sydney? 24 Hour Merchandise is THE specialist screen printer and embroiderer in Sydney with a massive factory based in the cities inner west.

T-shirts have been on the  consumer market since the early 1900s, this article of clothing has come a long way. It has evolved over the past one hundred years to more than just a plain white thing worn under a uniform to a colorful, fun way to express a personality and beliefs.

Sydney T-Shirts

For example, the city t-shirt gives those who wear it the opportunity to express the city in which they live, grew up, or call home. City t-shirts have grown in popularity over the last ten years and as of now they seem to be the new trend.

There are many small online businesses popping up as affiliate shopping carts were the owner makes $4 per t-shirt or some people are opting in for the much better option of having their own designs printed and making $10+ per t-shirt.

T-shirts are excellent advertising space for promotions or events.